Welcome to the customization page of NapitWPTech, where you can ask for the customization work for the theme developed by us, according to your site need. We will create our theme the way you want for your site and in no time.

Since, we have hosted our themes in the WordPress theme directory, so, there are lots of guidelines to be followed and according to it, many of the features can’t be added in the theme itself. But, you like our theme design and want those features to be added in the theme, then, you need to make the customization work by yourself, if you can. But, if you could not do it on your own, then, you can ask for our customization team with your price quote.

As for an example in WordPress theme guidelines, themes are not allowed to add any of the sharing feature on it, but, you want it without the use of the plugins, then, you can contact us with your price quote. Similarly, there are much more restrictions too, in developing the WordPress theme which are to be submitted in the WordPress theme directory.

So, why do you want to wait for the customization works on our theme according to your site requirement, even if you want it? You can just contact to our customization team through the contact form below and we will make sure that it will be added for your site in the mentioned time frame:

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