Best Practices To Write PHP Code

If you are the PHP developer, then, you will surely write the PHP codes for your projects, which will be best understandable for you only. So, what about the other PHP developers, will they understand your code? Are they able to tally the effort added in that code? Well, all of it depends on how you have written your PHP code for that project. Hence, in order to make your code understandable to almost all of the PHP developers, as well as yourself for the future, there are some of the best practices to write the PHP code while developing the PHP project. Here, below we have listed some of the best practices to write PHP code:

For efficiency

The easier your code is to read and follow, the easier it will be to keep track of where you are within your code, and the quicker it will be to pick up where you left off after a break. So, you need to try to write your code in the efficient manner and make those codes less buggy.

For debugging

Knowing where your problem lies is a major debugging tool. If comments are used correctly, you can easily follow your own logic, and if you have line numbers and consistent formatting, you can easily scan your document to pinpoint a trouble area. So, if you add comments to your PHP code, then, in the near future, it will surely help you, as well as the other developers who has been looking at your code for the debugging purpose more efficiently.

For future expansions and modifications

Using comments in your code is especially important for future changes because it’s difficult to remember the logic behind code that was written years or even just months ago. Also, if you are working on code that involves a team, if everyone is using the same coding style, it will be much easier to make changes or additions to someone else’s work down the road. Hence, we can say that from this, adding the comments as well as writing the PHP code in the same coding style would be much preferable.

By applying these major factors while writing your PHP code, you can easily complete your project quickly. So, apply them wisely in your PHP project. But, if you are not using this method properly, then, your project may be hard to understand and time consuming to complete it. Hence, writing the PHP code in best way is more preferred than writing it in improper way.

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