Netbeans Features As The PHP IDE

There are lots of PHP IDE available nowadays. So, choosing the right PHP IDE is the most if you want to develop your project properly and in easy way. One of them is NetBeans, which is an open source software and has many features built within it. So, if you choose the NetBeans as your PHP IDE or for any other projects, such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, C, C++, etc, then, this will be your good choice. So, below are the lists of some of the most important features of NetBeans as an IDE:

  1. Creating and managing projects: The IDE for PHP enables you to create the PHP projects, and helps to grow the project. It can perform project-related settings and operations, ie, creating documentation for the project, testing the project, and so on, which can save us a lot of time.
  2. Editing features for the source code: The code editor comes with an exciting collection of source-editing capabilities within the PHP project scope. It empowers faster code writing with the following listed below features:
    • Syntax highlighting enables the highlighting of the PHP syntax in the project files.
    • Code folding enables the folding and unfolding of selected classes and function within the current file.
    • Code templates help in using predefined code snippets, which are already defined in NetBeans.
    • Code completion shows the code’s auto completion list, from which we can know about the classes and functions written in other files of the project and use them at once in our project.
    • Parameter hints gives the information about the formal parameters of a method where the method is called.
    • Formatting provides with the option of auto code formatting in the current viewing file.
    • Bracket completion helps us to add/remove the paired quotes, parentheses, and braces during the code writing.
    • Error detection shows the PHP parsing error immediately after the typing is finished within that document file.
    • Pair matching highlights matched pair of quotes, braces, parentheses, and so on, from which we can know about what is inside those codes.
    • Semantic highlighting identifies the keywords, method names, call, unused variables, and so on.
    • Go to declaration can send the cursor to where the chosen type is declared.
    • Instant rename renames all occurrences of a variable within its scope.
    • Spell checker shows spelling mistakes and corrections.
    • Code documentation helps with an automatic documentation structure.
  3. Deploying the project: Provides synchronization within the PHP project content, with remote server content.
  4. Database and services: Provides support for database management as well as the web services.
  5. SCM tools: Provides source code management tools, such as Git, Subversion, CVS, and Mercurial, built-in for source code versioning, tracking changes, and so on.
  6. Running PHP scripts: Enables the parsing of PHP scripts, and yields output within the IDE without going to the browser.
  7. Debugging the source code: You can inspect local variables, set watches, set breakpoints, and can evaluate the code, live. You can also perform command-line debugging, and check the PHP output in the IDE without going to the browser, which provides competence for remote debugging.
  8. Supporting PHP frameworks: It also offers the support for popular PHP frameworks, such as the Zend Framework and Symfony, as well as others.

You can find more details on this IDE software, which is available in almost all of the platforms, be it Windows, Mac or Linux, from this link.


Now, since you know about the different features of NetBeans IDE, we can say that, if you use it to build any of your project, such as C, C++, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, etc, then, it will make your project easy to be managed and complete those very quickly, as all of the above languages are supported by NetBeans.

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