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Looks like you are searching about how to search in the search engine properly so that you can get the exact search results as you want in the search engines, and have came across to this blog post. Well, you are in the right place after all, here, we will describe you about how to search in the different search engine via different operators.

Well, most of the search engines has different techniques to search for the specific keywords for their search results page. One of the techniques include the inclusion of the different operators such as Space, (), OR, etc . By using the operator’s technique in the search engine, while you search for any of the related link you want to visit, you can reduce the size of the results and hence, can find the required results very quickly. So, here we have listed some of the search engine operators below to find what you are looking for very quickly, with their examples as well as their explanations:

Space or +Display hits that include specific + music, art musicResults have both words art and music — in any order.
ORDisplay hits that include only one word from a OR puppy OR canineResults have the word dog or puppy or canine.
( )Combine hits that include specific words with those that include only one word from a list.Kalamazoo Michigan (pizza OR subs)Results have both words Kalamazoo Michigan and either the word, pizza, or the word, subs.
Exclude a word from the search results.automobile -convertibleResults include automobile but do not include convertible.
” “Search for an exact phrase in a certain order.“19th century fox”Results have the exact phrase, 19th century fox.
*Substitute characters in place of the asterisk.writer*Results include any word that begins with writer (e.g., writer, writers, writer’s).

Now, we can assume that you know about which of the operators to be added up in the search engine, while you search for the different keywords and minify the search results for your search query, so that you can get your perfect link url their very quickly.

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