Some Common Uses Of PHP

We know that, since we are the PHP developer, there are lots of functions and uses of PHP code in the programming world. It can help us by making any of the website dynamic by simply applying its best practices in the project, if used correctly. But, if we use it carelessly, then, the PHP project might get buggy and could never be completed at all. It can also help us to connect with the database server and make our site even more dynamic and keep the record of anything, anytime as required for our site. So, we can say that there are lots of uses of PHP code in the PHP developer world. But, some common uses of PHP are listed here as:

  1. You can perform system functions such as creating, opening, reading from, writing to, and closing the files on the system, execute the system commands, create directories, and modify the file permissions easily with the PHP code if applied properly.
  2. You can gather data from the forms such as saving the data in a file, sending data via e-mail, and returning the manipulated data to the user.
  3. Also, you can access the databases and generate content on the fly, or create a web interface for adding, deleting, and modifying elements within the database via the PHP code more efficiently.
  4. You can set cookies and access the stored cookie variables, from which you can manage your online-shop from your site in more convenient way.
  5. Also, you can start sessions and use session variables and objects via the PHP code, which can also help you to manage the online-shop and others.
  6. You can restrict user access to the certain sections of your web site, so that your site can be more safe and secure than before.
  7. You can create images on the fly, via the PHP code easily.
  8. Also, you also can easily encrypt the user data so that the user privacy would not get harmed at all.

Well, there are more lots of such common uses of PHP code. So, you might need to use them wisely so that your PHP project would not get any complicated and can be finished on the mentioned time-frame all the time.

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