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If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform or for any purpose such as making your business website, then, you may have noticed that while are you creating a post or editing it, then, you can see that there is the post revision added on each of the post or page edits, which can increase the database size of that WordPress install too much. For eg: if you have created one blog post in your site about 2 years ago and then updated it on daily basis. Then, the WordPress post revision is likely to be about 2000 or more, increasing the database size more and more.

The above described example is only one of the effects of WordPress post revision. So, what about the other WordPress post revision effects? Are there any other effects too? Well for the answer on this would be that, there are lots of effect create by WordPress post revision.

Well, from above you came to know that the WordPress post revision effects the database size of the used database table via the WordPress install. The other effect would be, since there are lots of post revision, so, WordPress has to query for the required revision from database file, which can lead to slow down the site speed, which can effect your visitors. Hence, disabling the WordPress post revision would be of great use for your site.

Knowing the WordPress post revision effects, now, you may want to know about how to disable the WordPress post revision for your site, right? Well, for this again, you may be confusion about what to use, plugin or use the PHP code. For this, it all depends on your site requirement. If you want to control over it properly, then, use of the plugin is preferred. The plugin which we would recommend on this is WP Optimize. But, if you do not want the plugin and do it via yourself with the SQL and PHP code, then, here we have attached the link on it below:

If you have followed the above link properly, then, on this case, we can conclude that you now know how to disable the WordPress post revision and to overcome this issue for your site.

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