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WordPress, one of the leading market share in creating many site, offers you with many features, one of which is adding the gallery in posts and pages. So, you were searching about how to create gallery in WordPress as we know, since you have arrived in the right link where we will be describing about it.

There are many different features, which WordPress provides you with. Some of them are image uploading, audio and video uploading and so on, and one of it is creating the gallery images in WordPress. Why is creating gallery important? Well, what if you want to showcase your trip to the visitors of your site as well as showcase your portfolio? This is only common example. There are many other examples too.

Hence, after knowing about why to create gallery in WordPress, you may want to create it for your post or pages, isn’t it? Well, for this, you need to visit to the post or page editor section or screen through your WordPress dashboard. Now, you will find the option of Add Media button, in the top of the post editor box. Now, after clicking that button, you will see something like the image below:


Here, what you have to do is, you need to click on the Create Gallery button, and then choose the required images from this image selection sections, and after you have done selecting the images from there, now, you need to just click on the Create a new gallery button and then, again it asks whether to create the gallery images size in any size.

Now, after you have done above step, it will also ask you whether the images in the gallery will be linked to attached pages or the media file. So, you might need to again choose these and after finalizing these steps, you will have to click on the Insert Gallery button and then, the gallery images will be created in WordPress posts or pages where you have added, and you will be able to show your best images as galleries using WordPress.

After reading this article and following it up and being successful on adding gallery in WordPress posts or pages, we can say that you are now more familiar with it than before.

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