How To Add Cookie Notice In Your Site

According to the European Union’s cookie law, website requires to get the user content to set any of the cookie within their computers. And WordPress by default, adds cookies within the visitor’s computer. So, due to this fact, you need to add cookie notice within your site. So, let’s move ahead and learn about how to add cookie notice within your site, shall we?

How WordPress Uses Cookies

By default, WordPress uses cookies for user authentication purpose to store the session information of the logged in users. It too uses the cookies, when some of the visitors leaves comment within your site.

Apart from the WordPress default feature, while you are using the plugins within your site, they will also use cookies within your site too, to store the users data. For eg: WooCommerce plugin uses cookies to keep track of the cart data.

Similarly, if you are using Google Analytics then, it will also add the cookie within your visitor’s PC. So, according to the European Union’s cookie law, you are bound to add cookie notice within your site.

So, how to add cookie notice within your site? Well, we have got you covered on it. For adding the cookie notice, we will use the plugin: Cookie Notice for GDPR available via the WordPress plugin directory. Hence, let’s move ahead and learn about it, shall we?

Cookie Notice for GDPR to add cookie notice within your site

Cookie Notice for GDPR allows you to add the information that your site uses cookie and therefore, can easily comply EU cookie law with GDPR regulations.

So, let’s add this within your site. For it’s addition, visit Plugins section and then, click on the Add New button. After visiting in that page, search for: Cookie Notice for GDPR and then, install and activate this plugin.

After you have installed this plugin and activated within your site, you can visit Settings->Cookie Notice section to manage the cookie notice from within your site.

There, in the above settings provided via this mentioned plugin, you can amend anything that best suits your site need. Here, we will leave all of the settings as default and we will show you the output.

You can see the plugin documentation for more information about how to use this plugin broadly for your site.

Output of Cookie Notice for GDPR plugin

While using the above mentioned plugin in your site to add cookie notice, you can see the similar result as below within the screenshot.

There, in the above screenshot, you can see that the mentioned plugin has added the cookie notice in the footer within your site. In this way, you can make your site GPPR compliance showing them the correct message as needed for your site regarding cookie law of EU.

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If you have follow this tutorial properly and became successful on how to add cookie notice within your site then, we can say that you are more familiar on this than before. However, if you are still confused onto it and want more information then, do drop the comment below on the comment box and we will follow it up.

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