Recover Forgotten Password From Local WordPress Install

As we know, most of the developers/designers build out their WordPress projects within local server and then later on, move to production site. But what if, you forgot the login password for your development site? Is there a way to recover forgotten password in local WordPress install, since you will not get any email? Well, there is, and here we will describe about how to recover forgotten password in local install WordPress.

How you may forget you local install WordPress password?

First of all, you may be resetting your WordPress install to the fresh WordPress install and the reset might not go smoothly and hence, you may not be able to login to your WordPress dashboard due to non recoverable install.

Similarly, while you have developed your WordPress projects and then, you may have left to do so around 3 to 4 months and the password forgetting case might be in this case too. Similarly, there are probably too many reasons about why you may forget your WordPress password.

Surface look on how WordPress stores the users data in database?

Now, since you have known about some of the case scenario about how you may forget your local WordPress install password, now, we will discuss about how to WordPress stores the users data into database used.

Since, WordPress uses the database, you can alter the database table to recover forgotten password of your local WordPress install. So, for that, what you need? You will need phpMyAdmin in your local server since it help you to manage the database visually.

Most of the local server: XAMPP as well as WampServer comes up with phpMyAdmin pre-installed in it to manage the database visually. So, in order to recover forgotten password, we will utilize the same, ie, phpMyAdmin.

In order to recover it, you need to know about which way or in which hashing the WordPress password is saved. Well, to know the same, it is saved in MD5 hash. As well as, you also need to know in which database table, you username and password is saved. Well for the answer on this, it is saved in wp_users table.

How to recover forgotten password from local WordPress Install?

Now, lets move ahead and recover forgotten password in local WordPress install.

First of all, we would like to say in the server install, you can get the recovery password email, however, in the local WordPress install, you will not get any email at all. Hence, you need to recover it via other way, which we will be describing about.

After having the look about how the password and where the password is saved, now it’s easy for you to recover forgotten password in local WordPress install easily. So, for that, open up the link: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ from your browser to open up phpMyAdmin for your local server.

Now, you need to open up the required, ie, used database table for same. For that, click on the database used by the current used WordPress install, in which you have forgotten the password. Now, after that, you need to open up the wp_users table and then, you will find the users details there.

In order for the password recovery now, you need to edit up that user data table from there and then, under the user_pass, you need to change the function to MD5 and then, add the new password in Value there and then just save the changed pressing on the Go button there. But if confused about what to change for, you can see the below highlighted screenshot for same.

Now, you can login to your WordPress dashboard with the username as well as password set from there with ease.

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If you have followed up the tutorial properly and now can recover forgotten password in WordPress with ease then, we can say that you are now more familiar on this than before. However, if you are still confused on the same and want to know more about it then, drop the comment below in the comment box and we will follow it up.

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