What Is Shortcode In WordPress?

WordPress, let’s you add shortcodes for your site to manage your site properly as you need. It can help you in many means, for eg: you can add the layout for your site as well as display the videos of any site via the shortcodes. So, here, we will learn about what is shortcode in WordPress.

What is Shortcode in WordPress?

Shortcodes in WordPress is introduced in WordPress 2.5 in order to to used as the macros in the created WordPress posts/pages. It will help you in different ways, for eg: you can manage the layout of the site differently as well as add the link to any link you need.

Shortcode in WordPress, can also help you to embed any file or the object as required for your site, which can reduce the usage of too much complicated code within 1 single line. For eg: the shortcode to embed the contact form embed would look like as below, which may be provided via the plugin about how to use:


Now, to let you know, it can also have the option of adding the extra parameters for the same.  You can see that as below:

[contact-forms id="1" title="Contact form"]

The above example need to be added within WordPress content to render and is of the plugin. It will not render at all when kept outside of the post content by default. Now, since WordPress 4.8, you can place the shortcodes in the Text widget too, which provides you greater flexibility now.

WordPress itself has the shortcodes for many elements as required. They are: audio, video, gallery, caption and embed. Similarly, as from example above, you now may know that plugin too can create the shortcodes to be used within your content.

Output of the shortcode in WordPress

If you have added the above example shortcode within your WordPress content then, you can see the similar output as below in your case too:

And, when you use the WordPress gallery shortcode, ie, create gallery in WordPress, then, it will automatically generate the shortcode for you. And the output of that shortcode will be similar as below when you are using JetPack tiled gallery too:

So, from the above output, we can conclude that, while using shortcode in WordPress, it will automatically add the required HTML and the other required markup dynamically directly onto the posts/pages created in your site, which uses the same shortcode.

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Now, if you have followed up this tutorial properly then, we can assume that you now have more knowledge on the shortcode in WordPress than before. However, if you are still confused about shortcodes in WordPress and it’s usage then, do drop us the comment below and we will follow it up. Next, we will be guiding you about how to create shortcode in WordPress since now you know about what is shortcode in WordPress and about how to use it.

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