Masonry Brick

Masonry Brick, as its name suggest is a WordPress theme based on the masonry layout which is suitable to display your contents in beautiful way. Some of the features of this theme are as it supports WordPress default custom header and custom background, which can be kept as requirement. Also, this theme features custom social menu and also you have the ability to choose the layout option for each of the different pages/posts individually. This theme also supports all 10 post formats so that you can show the contents uniquely according to the post formats used in your site.


Some of the key features of this Masonry Brick theme are:

Header Options

  1. Small Info Text (Add your own custom header info text here)
  2. Random Post (Displays a random post)
  3. Search Icon (Displays the search toggle bar in menu)

Design Options

  1. Site Layout (Wide or Boxed layout used throughout the site)
  2. Default Layout for pages and Default Layout for the single posts (Choose the layout for the singe page and post by default which you require for your site respectively)
  3. Custom CSS (Change the CSS codes from here that best suits your site need in design adjustments)

Additional Options

  1. Related Posts (Enable or disable the display of the related post. It can be displayed either by choosing the category or tag)
  2. Image Lightbox (Check this to enable the lightbox feature in the single post page, if you have set up featured image for that post as well as choosed the image post format)
  3. Social Links In Author Bio (Check this to display the social links of the Author, supports the social links provided by All In One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO plugin available through WordPress)



  1. Introduced wp_body_open WordPress hook available since 5.2.0
  2. Remove Custom CSS Customize option provided via the theme


  1. Modify pingback url autodiscovery for single posts, pages, or attachments.
  2. BxSlider updated to 4.2.15


  1. BxSlider updated to version 4.2.12
  2. Stickyjs updated to 1.0.4


  1. Add theme support for customizer selective refresh for theme bundled widgets


  1. Change the priority for the theme Custom CSS wp_head hook
  2. Add theme support for selective refresh for widgets


  1. Fix the display of hidden contents when the menu and content area both are sticky
  2. Add theme support for Header Video introduced in WordPress 4.7


  1. Remove use of deprecated constant HEADER_TEXTCOLOR
  2. Options added to change the theme primary color
  3. Add support for WooCommerce 3.0’s new gallery feature


  1. BxSlider updated to version 4.2.7
  2. Option added to make the primary menu sticky


  1. Theme is now WooCommerce plugin compatible


  1. Added the option to make the content and sidebar area sticky
  2. Added support for Breadcrumb NavXT plugin


  1. Migrated the Custom CSS code added in theme options to Additional CSS section introduced in WordPress 4.7


  1. Footer credit link has been updated
  2. Font Awesome icons updated to version 4.7.0


  1. Change in featured image size for the related posts feature
  2. Theme support forum link added in customizer options
  3. Checkbox option in Customizer properly sanitized


  1. Magnific Popup updated to version 1.1.0
  2. Theme important links added in customizer options
  3. Font Awesome icons updated to version 4.6.3
  4. Theme tags updated according to the new introduced theme tags.


  1. Added MB: Random Posts Widget
  2. Added MB: Tabbed Widget
  3. Screenshot Changed
  4. Inline CSS and JavaScript codes removed
  5. Featured image size has been changed
  6. Theme prefix removed from the enqueued third party scripts
  7. Header top bar activate option removed
  8. Post format meta box removed and supporter it by calling first elements in the content as for example the first link for link post format
  9. Removed metabox toggle script for post format support
  10. Default cite removed of user for quote post format
  11. Font Awesome icons updated to version 4.6.1


  1. Initial release