Adding Featured Image In Your Post And Pages

WordPress provides you with the feature of adding featured image to the post and pages which you will be creating for your site. So, it looks like you were in confusion about how to add it in your site and hence searched about it and accidentally landed in this site. Well, it seems you are in luck. Here, we will describe about adding featured image in WordPress posts and pages.

First of all, for the introduction on the featured images, what we have to say is, it is now almost a required feature for your site, since it can be utilized by the social site in order to display the main image of the post or pages you create in your site. Also, lots of theme being built or already developed utilizes this feature too, to display the post uniquely. So, why to wait about adding featured image in your WordPress post as well as pages. Hence, lets go ahead and follow the steps as described below:

  1. While you are in the post or page editor section, in your WordPress dashboard, there you will find the option of Featured Image, which is in the bottom right corner in your editor page by default.
  2. Now, you just need to add the image there as required to be the featured for that post.

The image for this section for the easiness about finding it by you, is shown below as:


Here, in the above image, what we have doe is, we have added the featured image for the specific post. So, when a user now shares the post in any social site, its very likely that the image will be now displayed on the top of the content of the post, as it is being featured for that post. If it could not work, then, you can use any SEO plugin, such as All In One SEO Pack or WordPress SEO and then the plugin will grab that image if setup properly, and will add it while sharing. Also, many of the themes will make good use of the featured image to display the contents uniquely. So, it will be a good practice to add the featured image for the post and pages created.

Now, if you have read this article carefully and followed all the instructions and is successful on adding it in your site, then, we can assume that you are quite familiar on adding featured image in your site.

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Bishal Napit

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