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If you are developing your site via the WordPress CMS then, you will obviously write the content for your site. So, you want to look it beautiful and eye-catching for your visitors right? Well, then we would like to say that your WordPress posts can be displayed in any way you require for your site. One of the method is by adding and displaying the contents using the manual excerpt feature provided via WordPress as its feature. Here, we will describe about how to do it, which is mentioned below:

  1. First of all, what you need to do is to visit the post/page editor section through your WordPress dashboard
  2. Now, in the top right corner, there you can see the option of Screen Options, which need to be just clicked on
  3. After that, the button will display the dropdown option with lots of checkbox option within it
  4. Now, in the options provided during that stage, there is one of the option available, which is Excerpt
  5. You just need to check on the checkbox option having the Excerpt option
  6. Now, just below the post/page editor, you will see the Excerpt section appearing
  7. Now, after all of the above process has been completed, you can write the content there as required to display it for your visitors(if the used WordPress theme and plugin supports the display of it)

While adding the custom or manual excerpt for your post as well as the pages, the used WordPress theme or plugin in your site must display the excerpt, since if the theme or plugin does not display the content, then, adding the manual excerpt will be of no use.


Here, to describe it in more detail, you can see the image above having the Screen Options section, you need to check on the checkbox option of Excerpt from here.

Now, after adding the check mark on the checkbox of the Excerpt section from the Screen Option, you will get the Excerpt section in your WordPress dashboard as below:


Now after this, the display of the manual excerpt in the site will be like this one below:


Here, in the above image, the output is being shown which is added in the Excerpt section of the post, while there is no any content in the post itself, only have the manual excerpt in the post. In this way, you can overwrite the content displayed according to your requirement for the user.

The use of the custom or manual excerpt in your site is usually seen in the blog or archive pages of your site since showing the post content on those pages might not be good idea on users perspective since it might consume lots of loading time since lots of content should be rendered in the visitors browser.

Hence, now we can conclude that, if you have followed the above tutorial in adding the custom or manual except for your site, now you have become more familiar on using it than before.

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