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WordPress offers you to install your site to be in multisite install from which you can have much control over your site via the subdomain. It helps you to manage your business or news site to host in different way, for eg, if your business is located in different countries around the world, then, you can manage each of them via the multisite install, similar is the case with the news sites as well as agency sites, who want to manage their content differently. But, all of them requires the theme to display the content. But, adding theme in WordPress multisite install is different than adding it from single site. So, here we will describe about adding theme in WordPress multisite install.

For the basic information on WordPress multisite install, when you create the WordPress multisite for your site for any purpose, then, by default, you will have the option to activate the plugin through the current site which you are managing currently via the WordPress dashboard. But, what about the themes? Will you have the access to activate the newly downloaded theme to all of your site upon adding it through your dashboard, which you are currently managing? No, it is not accessible at all. Hence, here we will be describing about how to add the WordPress theme in your WordPress multisite setup.

First of all, what you need to do is, you need to visit your main admin dashboard of your multisite installed WordPress, ie, in your My Sites->Network Admin section of WordPress install, and then visit the Themes section from there. The image for this step is shown as below:


Now, after visiting that section, you will find the option of the Add New button, to add the themes in your site, which you just need to click on it and follow the required steps there and it will be installed. But, after you install the theme, then, will you have the option of activating that theme in your individual sites used in WordPress multisite install? We do not think so, until some of the steps has been carried out. The image below is taken just after this step followed:


Now what you need to do after this step is, you need to visit the site admin panel and browse the themes section there. Now, you will can see the themes which are currently installed in your multisite install. Here, you need to find the theme which you want to enable there and just click on the Network Enable button there and your theme will now be available to be used in your multisite installed WordPress. The image below is shown as after the theme is activated networkly, in your individual site of WordPress multisite install:


Here, in the above image, now you can see that the theme Twenty Fourteen is now available for use in different sites, used in your WordPress multisite install. Here, the main advantage of this is, this theme can be used in any of your site added in your multisite install, which is only one and used in many different sites.

If you have followed the above tutorial properly, then, we can assume that you are more familiar on adding theme in your WordPress multisite install more easily and without any confusion.

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