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WordPress by default, when its just installed, will have the permalink set up to its default, which may not be suitable for many visitors to your site, as well as for the SEO purposes, which is one of the most important aspect to make your site online. Since, by default, it will have the option of providing the post or pages id for making the permalink address, which is not good for SEO and many other purposes, and not clean too. Hence, here we will provide you the process for changing permalinks structure or the setting in WordPress, which is given below:

  1. First of all, what you need to do is, you need to visit Settings->Permalink section via your WordPress dashboard.
  2. After completion of above step, you now can see that there are many option available about how to add up the permalink structure for your site there.
  3. Now, you can choose any of the required structure there, which is provided through the radio buttons options, but, do not choose the Plain option, since it is WordPress default and is not search engine and user friendly at all.
  4. After choosing the required structure from that section there as stated in above steps, you now just have to click on the Save Changes button.

Now, if you have followed the above steps properly, your site will have the custom permalink setup as required for your site.


The image above is the screenshot of the page to change the permalink settings through your WordPress dashboard. Here, we have chosen the option of Day and Name, which is considered to be good and SEO friendly too. But, you can choose it on your own as you require. Also, if you do not want to create permalink structure provided as option by WordPress, then, you can set it via Custom Structure radio button as required for your site.

Now, if you have followed the above steps properly, we can assume that you now can easily know about changing permalinks structure for your site more easily than before.

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