Creating And Assigning A New Social Menu In WordPress

Your site is going to surely have the social links, isn’t it? So, you may want to add the social links in your site, right? Hence, what about using the menu feature for this in your site? Is it really possible or not? Yes, it is possible and quite easy to deal with. For this, you just need to follow some of the steps required as to create a new social menu in WordPress sites.

Since, we have already discussed about adding the Social links of your site via the WordPress menu feature, hence, you have be eager about how to do it the right way, right? Well, to clear the confusion on this, here we will be using the Twenty Sixteen theme as reference, as it has already the Social menu feature support built within it.

Here in this below post, we have already discussed about how to add new menu in WordPress and assign it to the required one for your site. But, if you could not do so, then, you might need to visit the below link for having the concept on adding new menu in your site:

Here, while creating the Social menu in WordPress, the difference from the above post would be, you need to choose the Custom Links option there, not the other one from the left screen as in the steps, which is provided in the above post. Now, you need to add the required url of the Social sites in the URL section, and provide the required Link Text too there, as both of them is required. Hence, after filling up all of the required social sites link there, you need to assign it to the Social Links Menu, ie, theme may have written their own way of assigning the menus for the social menus.

In order to show you the back-end on how to create the Social menu in WordPress, here below is the screenshot provided on this:


Now, after above all of the required steps are done, the final screenshot of the front-end for this theme Twenty Sixteen, on creating the social menu in WordPress sites is provided below as:


Now, if you are successful do do the same as we did in our site, then, we can assume that you are more familiar on creating the social menu in WordPress more easily than before. But, if you are still confused about how to do it, do leave a comment below in the comment box and we will follow it up.

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