Creating Contact Us Page Via Contact Form 7 Plugin

Have you ever wondered that you can create a contact form in your WordPress site in just few steps? Well, if are then, creating contact us page for your site can be achieved via the small plugin, named as Contact Form 7, which is available via the WordPress plugin directory.

What is Contact Form 7 plugin?

Well, the answer to this would be, it is the contact form plugin, which helps you to show the users the contact form in order to contact you for any specific purposes. Also, you can use the same for link building, survey, and so on. The form submitted by this plugin is via the Ajax, so, the page will not get reloaded to send the contact message for your site by the visitors.

You can create the contact form on your site via this mentioned plugin as much as you need for your site and there is no barrier to this. Also, you can modify the design according to your liking via custom CSS code. You can find more information about how to apply custom CSS code for your site here.

Moreover, you can find more information on this plugin via this link here.

Creating Contact Us Page via Contact Form 7 plugin

After knowing some of the information about the Contact Form 7 plugin, now lets move ahead and install this plugin in your site for creating contact us page.

First of all, what you need to do is, you need to visit Plugins->Add New button via your WordPress dashboard. Now, in the Search plugins… text box, search for this plugin, ie, Contact Form 7 and then this plugin shows in there. Now, just click on the Install Now button and it will get installed and Activate it.

Now, after you have installed it and activated, new section of Contact section will appear in your dashboard. Also, on the activation of this plugin, new contact form ready to be used in your site too, is already created. You can use that or modify it or delete it, it’s your choice.

Now, let’s move ahead on creating contact us page in your site. First of all, what you have to do is, you can create a Contact Us page in your site. Now, after this plugin is activated in your site, visit Contact section and then click on the Add New button. Now, the default contact form will be generated. You can modify it according to your liking. The option provided via this plugin resides just below the Form section.

After you have created the required form and naming that form, while you click on the Save button to save the form, you will get the shortcode to be used in your page to display the contact form. So, lets move ahead and copy the generated shortcode and then paste it in the required place of your contact page.

The above image is shown when you just save the contact form. Here, you can see we have highlighted what to copy and paste in your pages. So, copy the same as we did and paste that in your contact page. Now, after you have successfully pasted the shortcode in the required page, the output for this would be similar as below:


If you have followed the above tutorial properly and was successful on creating contact us page for your site, then, we can assume that you are more familiar on this than before. But, if you are still confused and want more information on this then, please do drop the comment below and we will follow it up.

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