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So, you have developed your WordPress install to be in multisite and want to add new site in your WordPress multisite install. Hence, you searched for it, and landed in this page. Well, it seems that you are in luck and landed in the correct zone. Here, we will be describing about creating new site in WordPress multisite install for your site.

What is WordPress multisite? The answer to this is, it is the single WordPress install, in which many site can be registered, which will act as the single site for all of visitors who visits your site. So, who requires the WordPress multisite? The answer on this would be, the business company, which is spread throughout the world, ie, have many branches spread in different countries, as well as the news sites, which manages all of the category of news via different site and so on.

Hence, for the information before creating the new site on WordPress multisite install after you have read about what is WordPress multisite, and who uses it particularly, we would like to say that, creating new site in the WordPress multisite install is quite very easy and can be done in just under the two steps and in no time. But, firstly, what you have to do is, you have to enable the multisite feature of WordPress within your WordPress install, which has been covered through this link post below:

Now, after you have enabled the multisite feature for your WordPress install, by reading the above provided post as the link, now you need to visit the main admin panel of your WordPress dashboard. So, please visit My Sites->Network Admin through your dashboard. After that, you need to visit Sites->Add New section there, and similar image shown below will appear in this step:


Now, in this step, you just need to fill up all of the required information there, in the required fields, ie, in all of the fields shown as above in the image, and your new site will be registered and will be ready to use. After the completion of adding new site in WordPress multisite install, your newly created site will be listed in the My Sites section, as shown in the image below:


As we can see from the above image, we have created the new site named as Testing, and it is being listed under the My Sites section in the WordPress dashboard. Now, you can control all of the things related to this site, and it will act as the new site install, being in the same WordPress install for your site.

Now, if you have followed the above tutorial properly and in step-wise completed all of those tasks for your site, we can assume that, you now know about registering or creating new site in WordPress multisite install.

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