Displaying Form Value Using PHP

One of the functionality that the website can offer is the submission of the forms, where we can get information on the site users if they fills up that form. But, you cannot simply display all the value of the form submitted by the users only using the HTML code. But, there are many ways to display or store the form value, one of which is by using the PHP programming language. Here, we have provided a simple form code using HTML and displaying the value of that form code using the PHP programming language. For this, first you have to create a form file, named as form.php and paste the provided code below in that file:

Now, after this, you must again create a file named as submit.php, since, the form calls the submit.php file, as it is stated in form action role, which need to be in the same place or folder as in form.php file, and the code for this file is as below:

For the easiness in understanding the code above, we have added the PHP comments in it, so that you could understand the above code properly. Now, in order to test the provided code above, we have provided screenshot of this simple form, which is below:

The Form


The above image is the screen displayed when you open your form hosted in your server. For this to happen, you must copy those code in the same folder and open it, using your browser.

Submitting a value using HTML form


You can see the above image, in which we have added some of the values in the form and submitted that value using the Submit button, for displaying the values submitted using the PHP programming language.

Displaying the value of HTML form using PHP programming language


The above image is the result of the values submitted via the HTML form. Here, you can clearly see that all of the form value has been displayed as it is inputted, in the form, in the front-end.

Hence, now we can assume that you now know how to submit a value through the HTML form and display the value of the submitted form using the PHP programming language.

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