Enqueue JavaScript Files In Header Or Footer In WordPress

While you are either developing the WordPress themes or plugins, you may require to load the JavaScript files for that project to make it proper. The site speed of the project being built, also matters for that project too, isn’t it?

Well, if you are loading up the JavaScript files in the header area, then, this may create your site to be load very slowly. since that file need to be loaded early. So, loading them in the footer area will be good idea to make the site load faster than enqueueing or adding them in the header area. It is only one aspect of making the site load faster.

Here, below is the example provided about how we enqueue the JavaScript files in the header or in the footer area:

Here, in the example above, the first script has been loaded with the last value set as true, so, it will be loaded in the footer, and the other one has been set as false, so, it will be loaded in the header area of your site. So, after knowing about this, it is up to you, in which your script is required to load them in your project as required.

If you have followed up this tutorial and is success in loading the JavaScript files either in header or in footer area of your site, we can assume that you are more familiar with it. But, if you are still in confusion, do comment below in the comment box and we will follow it up.

Note: Try to load the JavaScript files in the footer area unless really required to make the site load faster, since slower loading site are very rare to be visited by the visitors in your site.

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Bishal Napit

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