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Bootstrap framework by default, when clicked on the parent navigation menu, only shows the child menu. So, we can say that, the hover effect does not apply to the bootstrap navigation by default as it was built so. So, you have came here for the solution on this issue, right? Well, you have landed about in the right place to get the solution on this feature. Here, we will show you the solution on this issue with the help of the CSS code.

You have added the Bootstrap framework to your HTML project, and then you have created the menu and then you hovered over the menu to see if it works and could not see the child menu or sub menu at all. In order to apply the hover effect on the bootstrap navigation, you have to implement either the CSS rule or the jQuery rule properly in your project. Here, we have described about how to create the hover effect in bootstrap using the CSS code, which is given below:

.dropdown:hover .dropdown-menu {
display: block;

Here, in the above code, what we have done is, we have just applied the CSS code to the sub-menu to display in block when hovered over the parent menu, since the child menu has the CSS code of not displaying by default, we overwritten it and displayed it on parent menu hover. Also, no more work needs to be done since it is all based on the Bootstrap framework code.

It might come to your head about where to add the above provided CSS code in your HTML project. The answer to this is very simple, you need to just add the above provided CSS code in the CSS file of you project and see that the above code run properly in your project.

Now, by implementing the method described above, you can hover to the parent menu item and then, all the hidden navigation is shown which is inside of the parent menu in the bootstrap navigation menu. By using the above code in your HTML project, clicking on to the parent menu to see the child menu is now no longer needed for the bootstrap navigation menu, as it was by default for Bootstrap navigation.

Remember: The downsize of using the CSS for hover effect on bootstrap navigation is that, if you have a parent menu inside your child menu, all of them are also shown at once. So, you may need to only use two level of menu in the bootstrap navigation when using CSS code for implementing it. But, if you want to add more level of depth, then, extra CSS codes might need to be written to make them work properly and to navigate on the navigation menu for the users to your site more efficiently.

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