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We all know that WordPress covers 25% of the world wide website now. So, using WordPress now will be one of your great idea over other web frameworks or CMS available till date. So, in order to use WordPress you need to set it up first. Setting up WordPress is very easy and can be achieved in many ways. We will be describing about how to install WordPress by almost all of the methods available. Here we have listed it in one method. So, you can follow the steps described below to do so:

1. Creating Your Database

First of all, what you need to do is to create the database file for WordPress to work. Since, it is dependent on the database, so, you need to create the database file for WordPress, then only WordPress will be installed as it is dependent on it. For creating database, you can visit it via cpanel if you are using the server, and if you are using it via localhost, then, you can visit it via http://localhost/phpmyadmin. After visiting, now you need to locate Databases tab there and create a database by adding the database name there in Create database section. Here we have attached the image on it too.


Here, above we have created the database name as wordpress. You can create your own according to your requirement.

2. Install WordPress

After you have created the database successfully, now comes up the step to install WordPress itself. For installing WordPress, you may need to download the latest version of WordPress through this link. Now, after that, you need to add your WordPress files in the root directory, or in any directory where you want your WordPress to be installed, which you may have already downloaded from the above provided link as instructed. Now, you need to navigate to the directory where you have setup your WordPress files, ie, for users using the localhost, it can be http://localhost/wordpress and for the users already having hosting and domain name configure, it would be like http://domain_name. So, visit those pages as required and the following screen will appear there:


Now, you need to just click on the Let’s go! button and then the database entry steps will be appearing. If you have already created the database file then you are in luck but, if you have not created it already, then, you need to follow the above step 1, for creating the database file. Here, we have added the image below for this step:


In the image above, you see that WordPress is asking for the database details. So, here are the details on it:

  1. Database Name is for the database table which you want to install WordPress in. You can use the database name created in the database creation step or any other database where you want to install it.
  2. User Name is the username of the MySQL server. If you are developing it locally, then, it may like probably be root unless changed, but if you are using the server then you may need to look at the information details on it provided by your host provider.
  3. Password is the password of the MySQL server. If you are developing it locally, then, it may like probably be root unless changed.
  4. Database Host is the MySQL database host, which will be localhost by default. But, if your hosting provider have other details on it, then, you may be able to find it out by visiting the server details of your hosting provider.
  5. WordPress creates the database while installing it. It also ensures that all of the table have the prefixes in it, which is controlled by Table Prefix. So, choose it according to your liking.

Now after the above process mentioned has been done, now, you can click on the Submit button and then it will go to the next page and there you need to just click on the Run the install button and the following image will appear:


Here, you need to provide the details which you want to have in your site. The details on each of the section there are:

  1. Site Title is the name of your site which is used throughout your site.
  2. Username is the username for your WordPress dashboard access here, not MySQL database access. So, do not get confusion in here and add your username as required for login to your WordPress dashboard, for your site.
  3. Password is the password for your WordPress dashboard access here, not MySQL database access. So, do not get confusion in here.
  4. Your Email is very important here. It is used in various cases so you need to provide the correct email address here if you do not want to lose any of the works done in your site and have complete control over it.
  5. Search Engine Visibility is for the search engines so that your site will be indexed in the search results or not. So, choose it according to your liking.

After filling all of the required information mentioned above, click on the Install WordPress button and WordPress will be installed and you can login to your dashboard via the username and password provided from the above step. The website being developed after setting up your site is as below:


Now, you have the website being setup using WordPress. So, make it yours and have more users visit your site and get engaged them all the time.

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