Migrating WordPress Site From Local To Remote Server

If you are building your WordPress site directly by using a remote server, then it is not a good idea at all, because you may not have the exact time frame to finish your project in time. Also, all the viewers will see your site and know what you are currently doing to build a site, unless you are using any maintenance plugin in your site. So, to prevent these kinds of activity, you must develop a site in local server(eg. computer) first, and then, later on after finishing the project, you then just can migrate it to the remote server. The steps involved in migrating WordPress site from local to the remote sever without the use of the plugins are:

Creating Your Local WordPress Site

First of all, what you need is the WordPress site, hosted locally in your computer. Here is the link on how you can create a site using the WordPress CMS.

The above link will describe about one of the method of installing the WordPress, and the below one will describe the other method to do the same work. Since, from these two links, both of them will do the same, hence, it is your own choice in which method you would prefer to do it.

Exporting Your Database

For exporting your WordPress database from your local server, first of all you need to visit http://localhost/phpmyadmin and choose your database name created for your local WordPress site and open it. And you will get the database table like this below image:


Now, you can visit in the Export tab, there you will only have to click on Go button and your database will be downloaded.

Changing Your Database Record

You have to open your exported database table and edit it. Here, we are using Notepad++ as the text editor to replace the database record from the exported file. This step must be carefully done, because if you have placed your WordPress project in a folder, i.e. inside a folder name which is located inside htdocs folder in xampp, for xampp users, then, you have to change a lot of entries, because if you do not rename the database table properly, and if you have different files associated with the site, it does not get entry and provides a bad user experience, for eg. images are not shown, file is not there for download, and so on.

In order to show you, here we have created a project inside a folder named as example and we are going to provide you the steps to edit your database entry. For this we have a screenshot of this below as:


Here, as you can see it has siteurl as http://localhost/example, this must be changed to your site name, for example, http://example.com as your siteurl to open it from the remote server. So, now we are going to edit it.

To do so, just press Ctrl+F from your keyboard and you will land in find text section and here you have to just visit to replace tab and type your local server location, here, for us it’s http://localhost/example, and we will be replacing all this entry in that database table with http://example.com, and for you, it’s your domain name. If you have followed the mentioned above steps properly, then, the process involved in editing the database table record in this steps are all done.

Edit your wp-config.php file

Now, the other step is editing your wp-config.php file. In order to edit your wp-config.php file, you need to open your wp-config.php file, which usually resides in the root folder of WordPress, and edit the database entry like in the image shown below:


Here, you have to only replace the DB_NAME to your_server_databasename, DB_USER to your_server_username, DB_PASSWORD to your_server_password. These all are provided to you by your server, when you create the database file in your server.

Updating the table of remote server by using the edited database table

For doing this visit the phpmyadmin through your server and open that database table, Here you will see there is no record, why, because you have not inserted any record in that database file at all. To insert the edited record, you need to visit the SQL tab and copy all the record from the edited database file and paste it in SQL query box and just click on Go button and your record will be inserted into the database and now you have completed all the steps required to host your local WordPress site to the remote server.

Copying the WordPress files to server

For this, you just need to copy all of the files added in your local install, ie, all of the files that is required to create the site, ie, WordPress files to your hosting provider location(ie, disks space). You can do it either via the FTP credentials or via the cpanel access to your site. You can add those files in the root directory of your site if you want it to be the main site for your site.


Now, if you have completed the above steps properly, then, you now can open your site by typing or opening the domain name through your browser and all the records are as same as you have made by using your local server. Hence, now we can conclude that you are now able on migrating WordPress site from local to remote server of your site on your own properly.

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