Display Different Widgets Per Different Pages

Have you ever wondered that WordPress can display different widgets per different pages in your site? Well, it can be done easily with the help of small plugin being added in your site. Here, we will describe about how to do it in your site.

Required plugin to display different widgets per pages

The plugin which is required to achieve the goal to display different widgets per pages is JetPack, which is developed by Automattic, the company behind WordPress. This plugin too, have many of the features included inside it. For eg: Custom CSS Box, Extra Sidebar Widgets, and so on.

Well, we are here discussing about how to display different widgets per pages. So, why to keep the waiting for this. Hence, lets move ahead and continue the work on this.

First of all, what you have to do is, you have to install the JetPack plugin in your site. For this, you can visit Plugins->Add New section and then search for this plugin. After you have found it, now, just install this plugin and activate it.  Now, after this plugin is activated, you will most likely see the section of JetPack just below the Dashboad section in your WordPress dashboard.

In the JetPack section, you will find the option of Settings inside it. So, now you just need to click on that section and the dashboard of this plugin appears. Now, since this plugin has too many features, here, we are going to say about where this is located. Well, it resides in Appearance tab inside it. So, just click on this tab and the following screen will appear:

Here too, many features is available. And for displaying different widgets per pages, the setting which you have to enable there is Widget Visibility and you are all set to enjoy this feature in your site.

Using JetPack Widget Visibility setting to display different widgets per pages

Now, if you have followed the above steps and enabled this Widget Visibility settings of the plugin, now, you have the new option available inside the widgets option. This option on the widgets is being named as Visibility, which help you to display different widgets per pages in your site.

Now, to use this feature, just move ahead and click on the Appearance->Widgets section. Now, drag and drop the required widget in the required sidebar area for your site. After that, as mentioned above, you will find the option of Visibility button. Now, you just need to click on that button and then option to display that widget on which pages on your site will appear.

Here, after you click on that mentioned Visibility button, you will see something in your site like the above screenshot. Now, just choose the required setting from that option and then you have the full control over the widgets in your site, about in which pages the required widgets resides in your site.


Now, if you have read this article carefully and is successful on achieving the goal to display different widgets per pages in your site, we now can assume that you are now more familiar on this than before. But, if you are still unable to do this, then, do drop us the comment below on the comment box and we will follow it up.

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Bishal Napit

Bishal Napit is a WordPress theme developer from Tansen, Palpa, with a passion to learn more on WordPress.

4 thoughts on “Display Different Widgets Per Different Pages

  1. There isn’t any such tab. The only available tabs in Settings are Writing, Sharing, Discussion, Traffic, Security.

    What must I do to make the tab Appearance to appear?

    1. On the latest releases of Jetpack plugin, they have changed lots of settings for it. So, for now, can you visit Jetpack->Settings section and then at last, you can see the DEBUG button. Just click on it and then you will head to next page. Now, click on Access the full list of Jetpack modules available on your site. button which is available at last in that very page. After that, enable/activate Widget Visibility option and then you will get this very feature for your site.

  2. i clicked on the jetpack link but i didn’t see the plug-in you mentioned. there was a plug-in for seo. where can i find the plug-in you mentioned

    1. Have you clicked on the same tab in that settings page of JetPack plugin as described in this post, which is Appearance? And the SEO tools in this plugin resides in the Engagement tab, which I think you were on while checking.

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