Removing Default Uncategorized Category

First of all what we would like to say is that, when we install WordPress in our server for the first time, then, you might have the feeling that, it will create the default uncategorized category upon its install, which can’t be removed that easily. Hence, in order to remove that uncategorized category from your site, if you really do not required that category to exist, then, you need to perform these below tasks:

Create one different category

First of all, what you need to do is, you have to create the different category name in your site. Now, after you have created the different category, now, you need to visit Settings->Writing section through your WordPress dashboard. Now, you need to locate the section of Default Post Category and choose the default category there, when no category will be assigned to the newly created posts for your site. The image involved in this step is shown below as:


Delete the Uncategorized Category

Now, after adding any of the other category in your site and assigning it to the Default Post Category as described above, now you can delete the default uncategorized category from your site, which is created while you install WordPress for your site. So, after all of that mentioned tasks has been done, now you can visit the Posts->Categories section through your WordPress dashboard and then, now you will have the option to delete the default category, as shown in the below image:


Now, as you can see that you have the ability to delete the default uncategorized category from your site, as shown in the image above now. So, if you like to delete that category, just click on the Delete button there. But if you do not want to delete it, but want to change the name only then, you can edit that category and change its name and if possible, change the category slug too.


Now, if you have followed the above tutorial properly and came on to be success to delete the uncategorized category from your site, added via the WordPress install, we now can assume that you will have no problem on this issue in your near future at all.

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