Make Your WordPress Theme Breadcrumb NavXT Plugin Compatible

So, you are trying to make your WordPress theme, Breadcrumb NavXT plugin compatible? While doing so, you were not able to do the same and was seeking for help and accidentally landed in this page. Well, you are in totally luck on this one. Here, we will describe about how to make your WordPress theme Breadcrumb NavXT plugin compatible.

What really is Breadcrumb NavXT plugin?

Well, Breadcrumb NavXT is simply a WordPress plugin, which helps you to display the trails of the certain page in your site to your visitors. In short, this plugin helps in showing the visitor’s path to their current location in your site. With the help of this feature, they can exactly know how your current page is located in your site.

The above image shows the small bit of setting provided via this plugin, while there are many settings offered via this plugin. So, just install it and try it on your site.

How to make your WordPress theme Breadcrumb NavXT plugin compatible?

Well, after the small introduction on this plugin, now its our time to make the theme Breadcrumb NavXT plugin compatible. So, now lets move ahead and continue our work for this.

First of all, what you have to do is, you have to locate about where to display this in your site. So, after confirming this, open up that required file and then just paste the below PHP code in the required place of the theme to display the breadcrumbs of your site to the visitors:

Now, after you have added the above code in the required file of your project, then, you will likely to see the output as below if the plugin is installed and activated in your site:

Note: The above code if modified in this below way, then, it is likely to occur PHP error in your site, if the plugin is not installed and activated in your site, since this function: bcn_display() is created by this plugin and if not found, then, there will occur PHP error:

Hence, it is always better to check for the function exists or not via this function: function_exists('function_name') like in the below example:


Now, we can conclude that you are more familiar with making your WordPress theme Breadcrumb NavXT plugin compatible than before, if you have followed up this tutorial properly and was successful on implementing the same feature in your theme. But, if you are still confused and want to know more on this, then, please do drop the comment below in the comment box and we will follow it up.

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