How To Modify Excerpt More Text In WordPress

Have you ever wondered that you could change or modify excerpt more text in WordPress themes and plugins? If you are then, the answer to this would be yes, it can be changed or modified according to your site liking. In order to modify excerpt more text for your site, you can follow this article and do the same to achieve this goal.

What is the default excerpt more text in WordPress?

So, you are displaying the excerpt in your blog, search as well as the archive pages right? Well, if you are and have not done anything then, the default excerpt more text will show as [...] after the excerpt text, that there is more content to continue reading for.

Also, we would like you to know that it will get displayed after the excerpt is displayed, which displays the first 55 words of the article.

After knowing some of the details on the excerpt more text, about how it is displayed, you may want to know about why to change the default text right? Well, the answer to this would be, what about you want to modify the text shown there, or how about adding the link to that post page? Well, as from these, we can assume that you are now clear on why to modify excerpt more text for your site, right?

How To Modify Excerpt More Text In WordPress?

Now, since you know about you could modify excerpt more text according to your site requirement, so, you might be in hurry about how to do it, right? So, why the wait? Hence, let’s move ahead and modify excerpt more text for your site.

In order to modify excerpt more text for your site, what you have to do is, you need to open up your functions.php file of the theme and then paste the below PHP code in this file:

Here, in the above code as mentioned, you can modify the above string as required for your site for the excerpt more text display. But, if you would like to add the link to the respective post, then, you can add the below PHP code instead in the same file:

Now, after you have applied any of the above provided PHP code in the mentioned file, then, you can see the result similar as below screenshot:

Here, in the above screenshot, you can clearly see that the default excerpt read more text has been modified to ours provided via the WordPress filter feature, excerpt more. Hence, from now on, the pages which displays the excerpt of posts in your site, will display this custom text or whatever you have changed to.

Lastly, if you have added any of the manual excerpt for the posts then, it will not display this filtered out more text for those posts. This feature can make your site more dynamic as if you do not want to show this text, then, you can add manual excerpt and to the post which you want to show it, you do not need to add any of the manual excerpt at all. You can find more information about adding manual excerpt here.


If you have followed this tutorial properly and became successful on about how to modify excerpt more text for your site then, we can assume that you are more familiar on this feature than before. But, if you are still confused and want more information on this, then, do drop the comment on the comment box below and we will follow it up.

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